How To Make Moving House With A Pet Cat Easier

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Home relocation can be a very distressing experience for a cat. We all know that cats can be terrirorial and moving house involves a big change in the environment and their territory. This can make them feel out of control and anxious. Moving house can be especially distressing for older, shy or insecure cats. To help make yours and their moving experience easier, here are 3 important steps you can take.

Plan ahead

To make the moving experience easier for everyone involved, people and cats alike we recommend planning your move in advance.

1. Move your cat's carry box out of its storage place and place this somewhere easy for your cat to access a few days prior to moving day.

2. Set up the carry box with your cat's favorite blanket and toys to make it an inviting place for your cat to come and go. We want to create a happy and safe place with the carry box so that your cat can feel comfortable enough using this in transit to the new home on your moving day.

3. When packing, let your cat smell and explore the closed boxes to familiarise themselves with the scents inside. We call know that cats loves hiding and sitting in boxes and allowing them to smell these at their leisure will make them feel more comfortable when they are familiar with the scents.

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Moving day with your cat

1. On moving day, keep your cat in a quiet empty room that you've already cleaned. Make sure to provide food and water and their litter tray, as well as their favouite blankets and toys. It is also a good idea to place the cat carrier inside the room with them as well.

2. Keep the door closed and let the removalists know not to enter as your cat is safely inside. It may be a good idea to place a simple sign on the door advising "A cat is inside - do not enter".

3. Once the movers have collected the furniture and things are quiet, enter the room and encourage your cat into their carrier making sure they are securely inside. Pack up their belongings and place all into the vehicle and head to your new home. Do not leave your cat inside the car alone as this can be distressing and dangerous to their health.

Once you arrive to your new home

1. Once you arrive at your new home, place your cat in a quiet room with all of their favourite blanket and toys. Place the food and water on one side of the room and the litter tray at the opposite end. Make sure the window is closed but easy to see out of the glass. Your cat will want to be somewhere quiet with their familiar scents, but once they are ready they will also want to know what is going on. The best way for them to do this is by looking out the window.

2. It's important to open the carrying box only after you closed all the windows at your home. Let your cat venture out at their own pace and give your cat time to get used to the new environment. Do not try to force them to interact, they will explore their new surroundings in their own time.

3. Keep this room closed to all visitors and advise the removalists not to enter. It may be a good idea to place a simple sign on the door advising "A cat is inside - do not enter".

4. Once the removalists have left and the house is quiet open the door so your cat can explore their new home. Do not force your cat out of this safe room, let them leave and explore at their own pace. Keep

5. Keep the safe room open to your cat for the next few days so they have somewhere to retreat to if they feel overwhelmed. Don't forget to give your cat treats and love to let them know your not going to leave them at this new place.

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