Tips for Moving in together as a Couple

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You are in love and have decided to take the next step and move into a shared apartment as a couple. Such a change should strengthen the relationship and set the stage for the future of the relationship. In order to avoid any issues, there are some things you will need to know. Here are some tips for moving in together as a couple.

Finding an apartment

You will both undoubtedly have different lifestyle habits and favourite design styles. It is important to communicate any expectations in advance. The goal is for the both of you to enjoy your new home together. The first, and perhaps most essential, step is to agree on the right apartment. The location must be somewhere that suits both of you, both for lifestyle and for work. and suitable for your occupations.

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Compromise on style

Try to decide in advance what you will take with you, what you will give up and how the apartment will be furnished, so that you will both be satisfied. Try to find a style that suits you both and use it to furnish the home.


When on a limited budget, it is important to prioritize the things that really matter. Painting the walls and sorting out repairs are both essential.
This should be arranged with the landlord. For couples who are moving to a relatively small apartment, it is recommended to paint the walls in light shades that makes the space feel larger.


When furnishing the apartment, you should take care not to overload the space by prioritising items that need to be there. This will also prevent you from having to transport unnecessary furniture and other belongings. If there are still a lot of things that you could not get rid of, it is definitely worth looking into storage options.

Organising the rooms

The bedroom should be designed in a way that facilitates good rest. It is important to create a lot of storage space for both of your clothes and belongings. A good mattress is also important, as it will greatly improve your sleep and mood.

Old bathtubs can be easily restored using a bathroom enamel coating that does not require professional help. A bath curtain and a pleasant colourful rug will create a comfortable atmosphere.

The lighting design must consider the lighting fixtures, their location, the type of lighting and the atmosphere you want to create. It is important to have central lighting fixtures in each space if at all possible. Economical LED bulbs are preferable to bulbs that drain a lot of power.

You also need to bare in mind that this is a period of adjustment for both of you. Allow each other enough freedom and space. This will facilitate a healthy relationship. Give the apartment some time and don't expect it to feel like home right off the bat.

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