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There are many boxes to tick when moving and one of the most important is insurance. Don't leave your old home without it!

Moving house means moving your life. Furniture. Household. Items with sentimental value. Possessions you would hate to lose. So keep them safe. General home and contents insurance doesn't have it covered. Household removals insurance does.

Your furniture and goods pass through many hands when moving. First, they are packed. Then moved on and off one or more vehicles before unloading. If you are moving interstate, your furniture and goods may also be pass-through transport companies like shipping or airlines. Certainly, your removalist will handle the logistics professionally and all care is taken with your furniture and belongings. But accidents do happen. Insurance protects against loss and damage.

Your removal insurance options

There are several removal insurance options. Choose insurance that best fits you. And offers maximum protection to your furniture and belongings.

Specified events insurance:

Covers against events named in your policy.

Transit insurance:

Covers your furniture and belongings only while they are in transit.

All risks insurance:

Protects against externally caused damage like scratching or breakage.

You may even need to mix and match. You should also compare several insurance quotes. Always compare quotes for the same type of insurance. Don't just look at cost. Compare for factors like exclusions and excess payments arrangements.

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Ask your removalist about insurance

Many removalists will offer insurance too and choosing a removalist who does, will make life simpler. Most will have a standard moving insurance policy. Then you can select from several options to extend your cover.

Standard removalists insurance covers any damage to your furniture or belongings while in the removalists truck. Ideally, you want your furniture and belongings covered from the moment your removalists arrive to the time your possessions are delivered to your new home.
You might want to insure specific items like jewellery or collectables. Insurance against accidental damage is also a good option. So you're covered for damage to walls while moving furniture or damage to the furniture itself. If you're putting items in storage - get insurance to protect against loss or damage.

You want to enjoy your new home. Not mourn the loss of precious furniture or belongings. Moving insurance is your answer.

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