3 Common Moving Oversights

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Moving? With so much to do, you're sure to forget something, right? Even if you've moved before. Learn from your and other people's relocation lessons. Avoid a budget blower by remembering the 3 most common things. What are these you ask?

What not to forget

The third most forgotten thing is mail redirection. With less reliance on traditional mail, this can be overlooked. Register your mail-redirection with Australia Post ASAP. Once relocated, you then change your addresses. Boring, but has to be done.

Coming in second is returning things belonging to other people. It could be returning the house key to the estate agent. Or the hidden spare key. Maybe something you borrowed when packing. Perhaps you've even forgotten what needs to be returned. Or where that spare key is! Better get moving to look for it!

Drum roll please - number one is a moving checklist! This comprehensive list should cover every item being relocated. As well as anything else that needs to be done. Just don't forget anything off the checklist!

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Relocation moving tips

Want the best moving tip? The best move is one where everything is accounted for. Think of it. Mark it off when it's done. That's right, a checklist!
But how do you think of everything? Some useful tips include:

1. Ask the relocation company if they have one
2. Use the Compare Quotes moving checklist
3. Do a search for 'moving checklists' on Google
4. Just about everyone has relocated, so ask friends and family

Don't think I've forgotten anything. So get moving on your checklist! That's my tip.

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