Five Things you Need to Know Before Preparing to Move Home

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After deciding to move house, it is important to prepare everything in advance; There is a lot to do in the lead up to the move, so you will need to ensure nothing gets forgotten. This is a list of things you will need to know to fully prepare for your home move.

#1 Know what you are taking with you

Moving house requires thorough sorting beforehand. Go through the contents of the home before you start to pack and throw away, or donate, anything you don't need. Proper sorting will help you filter out all the unnecessary junk you have accumulated over time; Less junk means a smaller workload for both you and the removalists throughout the moving process.

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#2 Choose the right moving company

As you are trusting them with everything you own, it is important that whichever moving company you work with is reliable. Make sure to book the moving company in advance, preferably about a month before the move. Do not forget to find out all of the details about the transport and get a comprehensive quote. You don't want to end up finding out about extra costs at the last minute.

#3 Pack properly

Any boxes you are packing must be durable lest they break, dropping all of your belongings on the hard ground. The best places to get boxes are through your moving company or from anyone you may know who owns a retail store. Arrange the boxes according to size and start packing your belongings. Start with packing anything that you won't need any time soon, continuing in order of how often something is needed. Packing things you use almost every day should be done last. It is very important to label boxes with their contents, the room they belong in, and whether or not the contents are fragile.

#4 Pack daily items separately

You will want to pack anything you need on the day of the move in a separate bag. This is to ensure that you are able to access these items at any time and thus the bag should be kept on you.

#5 Prepare your refrigerator

To ensure that your refrigerator and freezer don't leak during the move, you need to empty and thaw them before the move. This means you will need to use up any products that need to be kept cold, in the time leading up to the move. These appliances cannot have any ice left in them when you go to transport them as it will melt and leak.

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