Tip#1: How to Move Home with a Pet

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Many people who are moving home have pets. Moving home can be a stressful time for pets as they will have to deal with a bunch of new sights and smells that they don't recognise. In order to help your pet to adjust and keep their stress levels as low as possible, there are a number of things that you will want to do. This article goes over some of the things that you will want to do to help your pet out when you move home.


One of the things that can stress your pet out in a new home is loud noises. Being in a new environment means that they are already interacting with a bunch of new stimuli that they are trying to process and adjust to. Loud noises add to this stimuli and can cause your pet to be over-stimulated which leads to stress. If possible, keeping them in a quiet room can help them with this. If it is not possible to keep them in a singular room, try to keep them to parts of the house with less noise or just less stimuli in general.

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Familiar objects

One thing that you can do to help your pet with its move is to set up a space for them. This space should be their sleeping space and ideally their eating space as well. In this space you should be putting a lot of their belongings around such as toys that they like to play with, blankets and anything else that would have their smell on it. This will not only give them things that they know, it would give them things with familiar smells that they can relate to the old home. On top of this, it may be helpful to continue to use the same kind of food that you used at the old home so as to not change too much for them. All of this put together will give your pet a space where it is able to feel comfortable. This means that if it were to get stressed while exploring and getting used to the new home, it will have a place to go back to and calm down.

Pet proofing

With many pets, especially dogs, there are a lot of things that you will have to look out for in the new home to ensure that your pet is safe. One of the biggest ones with dogs especially, is making sure that there is no place where they can escape. Many dogs, when given the opportunity will run away from home. Although they will most likely come back, this is still a threat to their safety. SInce you have just moved home as well, they may not know how to get home. There is also the chance that they will get picked up by animal control in which case you may have to pay a fine. To make sure that your pet cannot escape you will want to inspect the perimeter of your home. What you will want to look for is gaps as well as places where they may be able to jump on something to jump over a fence. Once you have found these, you will need to do something to address these, the specifics of which will vary case by case.

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