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Sun, surf and sand! My Gold Coast lifestyle was post-card perfect. So I didn't intend to let a 'little' rude awakening like moving house spoil that. Stress was not part of my plan, yet neither was a hefty movers bill. Here's how I achieved my dream move.

Achieving moving zen

No way was my first sprouting of grey hairs going to be caused by moving house. Nor was I prepared to suffer broken nails, strained muscles and excessive perspiration. So I called in every mover's lifesaver - professional and affordable movers who know Gold Coast inside out. In one swoop I'd taken care of:

1. Packing
2. Loading
3. Transporting my household
4. Unpacking
5. Arranging furniture in my new home

So I was left with plenty of time to book childcare and a dog minder for moving day. Not to mention leisurely 'spring clean' my old abode and plan a garage sale to re-home excess baggage.

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One person's trash is another's treasure

That age-old question confronted me during a spring clean of our old home. When did we accumulate all this stuff? There were many things the kids (and the adults!) had outgrown. So I made the most of Gold Coast's superb weather by throwing a garage sale. Never have I seen a faster way to re-home:

1. Furniture
2. Clothes
3. Toys
4. Bric-a-brac

We even made some extra cash to boot. I pocketed the spoils for special family takeaways on our first night in our new home. Just another beauty of having affordable removalists on the job.

Moving day dawns

Gold Coast turned on the hottest sun for our moving day. So while I didn't escape sweat altogether I certainly avoided stress. Our movers turned up right on time and handled our belongings like their own. So my husband was free to check gas, electricity and phone connections at our new home. And I was free to get the kids off to a babysitter and thoroughly clean our old abode. Plus it was an indescribable treat to order pizza at our new home while the movers expertly unpacked.

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