Three Ways to Avoid Losing Things During Your Move

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One of the biggest worries when moving home is that something will get lost in the move. This is a very rational fear; moving can be chaotic at times, so the thought of something being left behind makes sense. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent anything from going missing. Here are 3 things you can do to avoid losing anything when moving home.


Properly labelling all of your boxes will help you to avoid losing anything. All boxes need to be labelled with their contents and the room that they are going to. This will also help you to unpack as you can unload the boxes directly into the correct rooms. By labelling each box with its contents, you should have a good idea of which box each item is in.

The easiest way for you to lose something is for you to not know which box it was packed in. You will want to have as little overlap between each label as possible so that when you look for something, it is clear which box it is in. For example, having a label for cups and for mugs could be confusing. Instead, specify the types of cups in the cups box.

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Packing properly

For your labels to be effective in preventing lost items, each box will need to be packed properly. Labelling each box with its contents won't matter if the boxes contain things that don't fit their label. Similarly, items that do correspond to a boxes label are instead put in another box, you will have the same issue. Each box needs to be packed with only things that correspond to a certain group or label; Everything that belongs to each group or type of item needs to be packed in the same box.

If you cannot fit every item of a particular type into one box, you will need to put it into two boxes or change how you are grouping them. Don't put excess items into other boxes unless you have to. If you do, ensure that the label indicates that the box also contains these excess items.

Thoroughly checking

Before you leave your current home for your new one, you must check everywhere to ensure that nothing is left unpacked. The best time to do this is the day before your move. At this point, everything should be packed. This will make it much easier to notice anything that has been forgotten. Alternatively, if you have time after moving before the home has to be vacated, this would be an even better time to check. In this case, all of the furniture and boxes are out of the way; Anything that is still in the home should be easy to spot with nothing to hide it.

This does, however, rely on the fact that you both have access to the home and are still within driving distance. If everything has been packed and labelled correctly, and there is nothing left in the home, you shouldn't have any trouble with lost items.

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