Mini Movers: Masters of Smaller Furniture Removals

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Dreaming of full-service furniture removals that specialise in smaller moves? I dreamed the same little dream and it came true.

Moving an apartment or a smaller house is not the same as moving a large household. Yet often the costs are the same when it comes to paying for professional furniture removals. Not so with mini movers, as I discovered. They offered all the perks of full-service furniture removals at a fraction of the cost. They even provided all moving cartons and kept a detailed inventory of my household items. So I lost nothing, not even a cent of my moving budget.

Hire the moving miracle workers!

So your move is on the smaller side. That doesn't mean it deserves lesser treatment than a big household would receive. Mini movers offer professional furniture removals that don't scrimp on quality or value for money. Using mini movers enabled me to:

1. Control my moving costs
2. Access industry quality packing cartons
3. Enjoy a customised furniture removals vehicle for safe transit of my belongings
4. Have all packing & unpacking taken care of by experts

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Packing inventory: A no-lose situation

Moving house should not mean precious belongings get 'lost in the wash'. A household inventory is one sure-fire way of ensuring everything that's packed is also unpacked. Your inventory should detail all items in each packing carton - and identify which carton is which. You could use a colour coding labelling system to make this clear if you are DIY packing. Otherwise, your mini movers will keep a full inventory for you as they pack. Easy!

For full-service furniture removals at an enjoyably smaller cost, choose mini movers. They made my moving experience smooth sailing - and kept my limited budget afloat too.

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