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As with anything, moving into a bigger home carries with it both advantages and disadvantages. For many people, moving to a larger home can be a great thing that can significantly improve day to day life. When doing this though, it is important to consider potential challenges that you may find with having a larger space.

This article goes over a few of the benefits and challenges of upsizing your home.

Filling the home

The biggest difference that you will notice in a bigger home is that you will have considerably more space to put your belongings. Although this is a good thing, it can present some problems. The main one of these is that you will be filling a bigger space with the same amount of stuff that you did in your old home. Depending on the size difference, this could mean that the space will feel quite empty. To deal with this, it may be worth investing in more furniture to fill out the space. This will not only include floor space, the walls may also feel very bare. This will also need to be addressed.

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Storage space

If you are living in a small home, you can find that you quickly accumulate clutter that you don't have anywhere to store. By moving to a bigger home, you are able to have more space to store things that you perhaps aren't using all of the time. Reducing clutter has many benefits. For one, it will make the house look more aesthetically pleasing. Another benefit that some may find is that a reduction in clutter can lead to a reduction in stress. If you are an organised person who gets stressed out by mess, reducing clutter may help you find peace.


If you are living with other people, a bigger home can mean more privacy. When you are in a smaller home, you will be physically closer to the other people in your home. By moving to a larger home, you will have more space to separate yourself from others. This could be due to an increase in the number of rooms but could also be because the increase in the size of rooms allows you to be apart in the same room. However it increases it, having the option of privacy is always nice.

Social utility

Larger homes have a lot of social utility. Being bigger means more space and that means that you can fit more people. Depending on whether you utilise this or not it can be a great advantage or a slight annoyance. If you live alone, having a large home can make you notice how alone you are. For some this is not an issue, but for others this is something that they feel very clearly. Because of this, utilising the space as a social setting can not only help you to make the most out of having the space, it can also help the home feel more alive and less empty.


A bigger home may mean more maintenance, especially if it has additional features such as a garden or pool. The reason for this is simple, more space means more space to clean. Larger homes tend to be more likely to have gardens or pools as well. These are things that will need tending to. For some people, tending to a garden can be relaxing, but if you are not one of those people, it may be best to think about how much more work you may need to put into a new home than you do in your current home.

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