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Your move is an exciting venture. With careful planning, it can be stress-free and successful. Use our handy checklist to plan your move then trust your quality-tested removalist to take care of the rest.

6 weeks before

1. Obtain and Compare Quotes from removalist companies
2. Choose and book your removalist
3. Prepare a clear item inventory
4. Begin clearing out unwanted items
5. Make a list and notify key contacts (eg. dentist, school, service providers of your move)
6. Advise your insurer and follow up on any changes to your premium

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5 weeks before

1. Arrange packing containers (if self-packing)
2. Cancel local deliveries
3. Notify landlord (if renting)

4 weeks before

1. Complete a postal Change of Address form
2. Close local charge accounts
3. Arrange insurance changeovers to coincide with the move date
4. Schedule disconnection and/or transfer of utilities

2 weeks before

1. Begin packing items you don't use often
2. Remove any storage items
3. Drain all flammable liquids from power tools

1 week before

1. Pack all items you don't need to use
2. Clearly mark boxes according to designated room, contents and handling
3. Arrange alternative accommodation for pets during the move

The day before

1. Check the house for remaining items
2. Place all liquids in sealable containers
3. Remove curtains and blinds
4. Pack house plants
5. Gather 'Do Not Remove' items (eg. coats, bags)
6. Pack small valuables to keep with you

The big day!

1. Mark all items you'll need immediately as 'load last'
2. Give removalists a guided tour of the house with any special instructions
3. Record meter readings
4. Turn off power and water
5. Lock windows and doors
6. Hand over keys
7. Exchange contact numbers and agree on a meeting time with the removalist at the new address
8. At new address, give removalist a quick guided tour with any special instructions
9. After unloading, carry out an inspection
10. Notify removalist of any damage amongst your goods

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