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Today's business market is constantly on the move. You can't afford to dip out of the picture for a moment. Not even during a commercial relocation.

Shrewd business people know what lies at the heart of a seamless business move. Meticulous planning, project management and continuation of 'business as usual'.

When we moved office across town, we wanted to wow our clients by unveiling impressive new 'digs'. Not leave them frustrated by delays in our services or responses. So six months prior, our planning began in earnest.

Here is what unfolded.

Assemble your team

Behind every successful business move is a great team. It is no different when dealing with corporate relocation. Few businesses are blessed with the in-house capabilities (and time) to project manage a seamless move. So our business appointed professional project managers.

Thanks to Compare Quotes' instant online quotes, we easily connected with quality-tested project managers. All we had to do was select our level of service to ensure an affordable move. Then it was an easy matter of selecting project managers who best matched our needs.

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Develop a sound game plan

Our project managers identified key people within our own staff who could help. This included a brand manager and communication expert. They also worked alongside our key personnel to plan and execute our entire business move, including:

1. Strategic move plan
2. Entry and exit routes
3. Interior design and branding
4. Office furniture survey and relocation
5. Technology relocation
6. Process for dealing with insurance claims

So throughout the lead-up and actual commercial relocation, we were able to keep continuity in our client service. And concentrate on day-to-day business activities. Our project management team provided regular updates so all staff were kept fully informed. They also kept a 'watching brief' so any unexpected or unfamiliar relocation issues were dealt with swiftly.

People movers

Change can be daunting for staff. One of the best business moves you can make is to invest time in guiding staff through a commercial relocation. Fortunately, we had time and resources to do this because the project management was taken care of. We provided:

1. Employee Top 10 Concerns workshops
2. Staff briefings
3. Group orientation

A project managed commercial relocation is like a divinely catered client function. One of the best business moves you can make - and it can be affordable too.

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