How to Hold A Successful Garage Sale Before You Move

Moving house is a great time to have a clear out and get rid of anything you don't use any more. Hosting a garage sale is also a brilliant way to make some money from your pre-loved items. Here are some tips to ensure your garage sale is successful.




Designate one room or the garage for everything you plan to get rid of. Go through every room in your house and have a really good clear out. Be ruthless, if you haven't used it or don't want it any more put it aside for the garage sale. Even if you think no one will buy your unwanted items put them out there any way. You never know what people are looking for.


Timing is everything


Try and pick a date that doesn't conflict with holidays, special occasions or local events. Weekends are ideal as most people aren't at work. Choose a time preferably in the morning and run it for several hours. It's really important to be prepared and ready to roll at the time you state that it will start.




Ask your neighbours who have held garage sales how they've pulled in the crowds. It may be advertising through local papers, online via a local Facebook page or Gumtree or sticking up signs in the local area. The more people that know about your garage sale, the more successful it will be. Try and advertise what type of things you are selling, if it's mainly furniture let people know, if its kids items include it in your advertising.




Be realistic with your pricing. People love a bargain and at the end of the day you are selling pre-loved goods. Pick up some cheap sticky labels and get larger items labelled. You could group together smaller items that you would sell for the same price. Have a $1 box so buyers know that everything in that particular box is $1. Be willing to knock a small amount off your prices.


If you have a few items left at the end of the day either give it away for free or box it up for the local charity shop.


A successful garage sale takes planning and preparation. Gather everything you want to sell then set a date. Effectively advertise to draw in the crowds. Make pricing obvious for potential buyers to encourage sales. Be willing to drop prices and remember your end goal is to get rid of as many of your unwanted items as possible.

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