What to do when Something goes Wrong with your Home Move

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Moving an apartment is a rather complex task and it is not uncommon that something goes wrong along the way. We have collected some examples of problems that may arise, along with tips on how to avoid them and what to do when they happen.

The vehicle the moving company brings is too small

The removalists arrive at your home and start loading, but it soon becomes clear to everyone that the truck will everything and will have take several trips back and forth to the new home. If you are only moving a short distance, your situation is relatively tolerable, but you're moving to another city, you can expect a long and frustrating day.

You should make sure to check in advance that the moving vehicle is not too small and that the company has already moved a home of a similar size to yours. But most of the time, such a case is due to an incorrect estimate of the volume of your belongings. This can be avoided by having someone from the moving company come to your home in advance and checking on what needs moved.

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The removalists are late

Delay of the removalists, especially if the transport was booked for later in the day, may lead to the move lasting much later in the day or evening than expected, leaving you exhausted.

It is best to schedule your move for the morning, so that your move will be the first job that day. This will reduce the risk of delays and give you workers that aren't already tired from previous jobs.

The removalists don't show up

It is rare for a moving company to completely cancel the move, but such cases can occur. For example, if the company has only one vehicle and something happens to it, they won't be able to do the job even if they want to.

First, do not book the moving company for your last day in the old home. Leave a buffer of a few days between the transport and the date you must vacate the home. Such an action will leave you with enough time to deal with a cancellation. Second, work with a professional company that is capable of working around such issue, and one that has received good reviews.

The transport vehicle arrives and finds no parking

A particularly common issue in areas without much parking. Such cases are time consuming and lead to unnecessary stress, both for you and the removalists.

The solution: the old and safe method - occupy parking early in the morning, using blocks or any other creative means.

Lack of personal transport

It is not enough to just load the transport vehicle and send it on its way, someone needs to wait for the movers so that they can unload the contents in the new home. If you do not have a working vehicle, and you do not have a place in the transport truck, this may present an issue.

If the new home is not too far away, a taxi may solve the problem. If the new home is a great distance away, a taxi would be too expensive to be a viable option. Therefore, in such cases, it is worth preparing in advance and having someone wait in the new home for the movers.

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