How to Assist a Pet's Familiarity with Their New Home Surroundings

Furry friends are awesome companions to share your life with. But when that life is suddenly hauled into a new location with the purchase of a new home or freshly printed rental agreement, both your life and theirs can be turned upside down. With unfamiliar surroundings and feelings of anxiety, your precious pet mightn't be looking forward to the major lifestyle changes as much as you are. So how do you make the transition to a new home for Fido or Felix as comfortable as possible?


Carriers for cats


For cat owners, it's important to get them familiar with a cat enclosure, as you will most likely have to put him or her inside one during transit. By letting them adjust to a carrier, they'll be less anxious when enclosed on moving day.


Secure the premises


Ideally, you'll have looked into any potential dangers for your animal before moving in. Give your best efforts at ensuring your pet has a secure home. Make those transitions easier with doggy doors and checking enclosures for quick, unwanted escape routes.


Routine is key


Keep a routine with feeding times and play times. Try your best to give your pet some consistency. Many animals do take time to adjust to new surroundings, so by keeping seemingly mundane things like your everyday activities on schedule, they'll adjust quicker to their new home.


Set boundaries


Establish which areas of your new home are off limits, such as upstairs or in bedrooms. It is important to have these barriers in place as soon as possible so that your pet can adjust, particularly if they were given free roam in your old home. However, it is still important to give them their space to explore and resting spots they can call their own.


Bring the familiarities


Take their loved ones along! Animals can be very territorial and seek comfort in familiar environments, objects, smells and sounds. Therefore, don't ditch their bed or favourite toys in favour of ones that might look better with your new-and-improved living room decor.


Call for backup


Enlist the help of a friend or family member if your pet's constant presence on moving day is going to be more of a burden than a blessing. Being able to welcome home your pet when you've had a better chance to settle in, unpack boxes and haul furniture about will be much more enjoyable for both you and them.


Above all, give your pet plenty of cuddles, love and attention. Pets can bounce off the same emotions as their owners, so if you are feeling stressed out, then they'll share those feelings. Moving is hard on animals, too, so think of them next when you're uprooting your life and taking on your next chapter.


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