Packing your Books for Your Home Move

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You may find yourself surprised by just how difficult packing and transporting your books can be when moving home; Especially when you have a large book collection. Large boxes filled with books can often be too heavy to carry and take up a lot of space in a moving vehicle. If you find yourself having to transport a large number of books, here are a few things that may help.

Sorting your books

When hiring a moving company, the more you are having transported, the more it will cost you. This means that the more books that you take with you, the more you will have to pay. To ensure that you're moving only the books that you actually want, time and effort must be spent to sort through your book collection.

At first glance, sorting out your books may seem easy, but in reality, it can often be quite tricky. Undoubtedly, the sorting process will require some difficult decisions when it comes to choosing what to throw away. Here are some things to consider when making the choice:

The current condition of the book - Books in poor shape are more likely to be damaged during transport.

The size of the book - Big and heavy books will add more work when packing and cost more to transport.

Sentimental value - Does the book mean something to you? There is a big difference between throwing away something given to you by a loved one and something you bought on a whim.

Monetary value - It is inadvisable to throw away books of a high value. That being said, they can be sold.

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Choosing boxes

For an easy book packing experience, you're going to need plenty of boxes for books. You can buy new boxes from your removal company or an office supply shop. You can also try to save some money by asking around your circle of friends if they happen to have boxes they can spare. Visiting your nearest recycling centre or a few local supermarkets may also prove to be beneficial. However, remember that you do need clean cardboard boxes in good condition that can handle the weight of your books. It is recommended to pack books in smaller boxes so that each individual box is easier to carry. A large box could be very difficult to carry if filled with books.

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