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Moving into a new home is an exciting time, from the unpacking stages to the decorating phase. But how do you make that new space feel like it was designed just for you? A house, after all, is just a structure with four walls and a roof, but a home has character and soul and reflects the individuality of its owners. Whether you've bought a new home or are moving into a rental property, turning your house into a cozy home is a necessary step in making you feel comfortable in a new space.


The simple additions to your homes decor offer a lot of impact, making it feel like your new space feel like it was specifically designed for you.


A cozy rug


Cold and bare floors can make a room feel sparse and unfinished. Tie your living areas together with plush rugs underfoot, opting for colours complementary to the rooms' furniture and walls will help define the space.


New light fixtures


A new light fixture can make all the difference in a new space, especially in rental properties that do not allow for larger renovations. Invest in a new chandelier above the dining table, or a pendant light over the kitchen island for an instant transformation.


Signature scent


Giving your house a signature scent is a surefire way to make you feel at home after a long work day, or a holiday at the beach. Light your favorite candle or essential oil for an hour in the morning so the scent lingers when you return home at night.




A fresh bunch of flowers is an easy - and beautiful way to bring life to a space. Display in minimalist areas of your house that need a little bit of personality. Like the kitchen or bathroom. Ensuring you select bouquets that reflect your signature style.


Removable Wall Decals


If you are in a rental property and your landlord isn't too keen on you painting the interior of the house, stick some easy to remove decals on the walls. Not only does your space get an instant splash of colour, you can switch them up easily whenever your taste changes.


But most importantly, if you fill your home with people and laugher, you will be making memories along the way and filling your house with memories, will quickly turn it from a mere dwelling into a home. You may not look back and remember this house for its amazing windows, or french doors, balcony or pool. But you will remember the birthday parties, the Christmases and love that you felt there.


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