What you Need to Start your Home Move Preparations

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So it's time to prepare to move house and you don't know what you need. Getting everything that you will need before you start preparations is important, so you you need to know what those things are. This guide will help you figure out what you need to get before you start preparing for your home move.


Before you start buying the things that you will need for your move, you will want to organise a few things. Organise things in this order:

1. Inform any relevant utilities companies of your move.

2. Inform friends of your new address and prepare to change your mailing address where needed.

3. Organise professionals for things that need to be done at the new home such as replacing locks, pest control, repairs and painting.

4. Check the measurements of any rooms in which you intend to put large furniture or appliances.

5. Start packing in advance, do not wait for the last minute.

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Which boxes to choose?

You have two options, cardboard boxes and plastic boxes. Plastic boxes are ussually more durable and easy to open and close. They also have the advantage of not requiring taping. On the other hand, cardboard boxes are much cheaper, especially when they are reused. You are usually able to buy cardboard boxes in bulk from your moving company. They may be less durable than plastic boxes, but they are usually more than sufficient if taped up properly.

Generally, your will want to use a mix of both. The bulk of your belongings should go into cardboard boxes, but any thing that needs a durable container is better put in a plastic box. Using entirely plastic boxes is far too expensive to be a viable option if you don't already own the boxes required.

If the moving company does not provide you with boxes, it may be a good idea to look elsewhere. Check with friends and family that have moved recently. Alternatively, you can also check with any stores that are trying to get rid of their used cardboard. If a box is used, it is important that you ensure to strengthen it sufficiently with durable tape.

Packaging Materials List:

1. Boxes of various sizes.

2. Stickers or strong markers to label each box.

3. Durable masking tape.

4. Bubble wrap and any other protective packing materials to keep your fragiles safe.

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