Three Cheers for the Cheap Home Removals Team!

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A winning team - that perfect combination of talent, skill and enthusiasm. That's the mojo I wanted when planning my home relocation. But I didn't want to break the bank. Turns out, a great team of experts offering cheap removals was easy to come by. Here's how I put together my own 'winning team' on moving day.

Challenging relocation conundrums

Bidding farewell to my old Melbourne neighbourhood and spreading my wings in a great new apartment. How exciting!

Yet I didn't contemplate 'the move' itself with such eagerness. Perhaps it was because this part faced me with some difficult decisions.

I am proud of my belongings and didn't want any 'casualties' during relocation. But given my limited packing skills and 'butter fingers' this seemed inevitable. Especially in my less than smooth-riding car! And although I was only moving a one-person household, I knew I couldn't do it on my own.

Ultimately, my move was small and my budget limited so I couldn't justify paying for a full removals service. But my search for an alternative sent me a windfall - cheap removals mini-movers style.

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Cheap (but not nasty) removals

Hiring mini movers meant I instantly had two moving experts and a customised removals van at my disposal. They were easy to find with Compare Quotes instant online quotes. The 'man and van' removals service may have been cheap, but it was invaluable. Amongst the added benefits were:

1. Quick professional packing, saving me hours
2. Friendly service and expert advice
3. Expert hands on deck
4. A purpose-built removals vehicle
5. Services that covered Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Dealing with a small team made all the difference. I had two top blokes who knew their stuff and were dedicated to making my relocation seamless. That's what I call a winning team!

The result was I could enjoy my new home sooner and with more money in my pocket. Cheap removals made my relocation easy and affordable. So I celebrated with those beers and pizza after all - joined by my two movers (and their van).

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