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It's tricky to know where to get packing materials for moving if you've never done it before. So what's on offer, and what's cheap? Packaging is everywhere. We transport things all the time. You just need to be on the lookout for suitable moving materials.


Your removalist or moving company will often be able to offer a large variety of moving boxes. This may even be included in your removalist's quote and it is a convenient way to move. If you're planning to use storage at all, self-storage facilities often sell moving boxes and packaging. Get the right size and shape to accommodate all your moving needs. Check with your removalist what they can offer you too.

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You may find that asking around friends and family, scores you moving boxes others have finished with or aren't using just now. Someone you know might even have moved with a removalist recently, and have some empty moving boxes for you. This is a cheap and effective way to move your belongings. Ask around. Perhaps someone you know works at a company that receives a lot of freight and has some ideal boxes. Maybe a friend has just bought a new TV or some furniture? Almost any box you can find will be useful to you when moving and is a cheap alternative to buying moving boxes retail.


Raid your local fruit shops, markets and supermarkets. They'll have lots of freight packaging you can use for moving boxes. Larger outfits will have more to offer you, and often want to get rid of their boxes. Perfect for moving on the cheap!
They may have other packing material lying around like bubble wrap or polystyrene peanuts. These are ideal for filling gaps in your moving boxes to protect precious items on the move.

Getting rid of them

Cardboard boxes can be recycled and moving boxes are no exception. It's environmentally friendly and a cheap and easy solution to the problem of empty flat-pack moving boxes lying around (or taking over the garage!).
It's also possible to make a quick buck off your moving boxes and packing material by selling them on eBay. At auction sites, you can sell almost anything, including quality moving boxes; Every little bit you can recoup on your move helps!
Websites like Gumtree will find someone who'll take your moving boxes for free. You won't have those pesky boxes to clutter up your new house, and you'll be able to focus on getting your furniture where you want it.

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