10 Tips for Decluttering Your Home Before Moving

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Decluttering your home before moving has many benefits. But where do you start? Here are all of the steps you will need to know when decluttering your home contents before moving.

1. Planning

Decluttering will take time so start as early as possible. Note down what and where needs the most attention. Reserve regular periods of time in your schedule for decluttering and workout which areas you will try to tackle in each session.

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2. Gather what you need

You must have bags and boxes when decluttering. Label them so you can sort items as you go.

3. Decluttering

Start decluttering in the areas outlined in your plan by picking up and inspecting each item. Think carefully and determine which box each item belongs in. When deciding whether or not to keep an item, ask yourself whether you actually get use out of it.

4. Paperwork

If you have piles of various documents stressing you out, the problem is not going to go away just by moving. Either file it, folder it, or throw it away.

5. Precious items

This is a good time for you to decide whether any of your items of sentimental value should be stored away. If it is a keepsake rather than a functional item, there is no harm in putting it in a box or a storage unit. as a bonus, these places will keep them safe as well.

6. Furniture

Get rid of any furniture that isn't being used. Measuring your new home is vital to avoid any unexpected issues with furniture not fitting.

7. Storage spaces

These can take a while to go through so don't put it off. Clearing these spaces will make your home feel bigger. In addition, it adds a buffer before you need to declutter again.

8. Avoid purchasing

Don't purchase anything you don't need. Anything that you buy will just add to your belongings which you are trying to reduce.

9. Packing

When you are decluttering before moving home, some items can be packed early. It may be useful to dedicate a space as a storage space for packed boxes so they aren't in the way.

10. Labelling

Each box should be labelled with its contents, whether or not it's fragile, and the room it belongs to. This will help you when unpacking and the movers when unloading. Some boxes may also need to be labelled with which way up they are supposed to go depending on the contents.

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