Green Relocation: Moving Home without Harming the Environment

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Moving house is not a simple process and involves organization, planning and packaging. The green approach to moving has been gaining momentum in recent years. Moving can be environmentally friendly. As long as simple steps are taken, you can make the work easier and help our environment.

Green Moving

Green moving differs from a "regular" home move in that you to reduce harm to the environment through recycling, reuse, finding environmentally friendly packaging solutions. This generally results from thinking and caring about the environment.

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Recycling: Because who needs the toys in the attic?

While you are packing, you may want to stop for a moment to think: Do you really need all the belongings you are moving to your new home? The old, untouched books in the closet, the toys tucked in the attic and the rust-covered pots. Make your move easier and get rid of these unnecessary items in an eviromentally friendly way.

Any recyclable materials should be brought to the appropriate places: obsolete books and paper in the paper recycling bins; plastics go in the regular recycking bin (after checking that they are a recyclable plastic); and the metals can be taken to places that recylce metal.

Reuse: because you can donate

The objects that can be used, such as books, toys and clothes, can be donated to charities that are begging for donations to give to those who are less fortunate. Some of the associations will send volunteers who will come to your home to collect the donation. This will save you a little time in the intense days of packing and getting ready for the move. You can also donate books to the library, which is always happy to replenish inventory.

Did you find an electrical appliance that never came out of the package? A gift you received and put away for years in a closet without opening it? It's time to put them up for sale online, or even donate them to an association of your choice. Even your old cell phone, if it is still working, may be worth something to someone. Try selling it to your nearest cell phone store or online.

Green packaging: because it is both economical and environmental

You don't buy cardboard boxes- you collect them. Near shopping malls and stores of large chains, you can find used and usable boxes. This is much better than buying new boxes or taking boxes from the moving company. Reusing boxes is beneficial to the environment, and saves a lot of money. In any case, avoid using plastic bags, which are harmful to the environment. Additionally, they tend to tear and can be uncomfortable to carry.

After the move, find a friend, neighbour or relative who is about to move home and give the used boxes to them. This give them more use and avoid wasting them. Put any boxes that can no longer be used in the designated recycling bins.

If you do not have time to look for cardboard boxes, or to recycle them, you should consider renting plastic crates. Their reuse prevents unnecessary waste, and they are a green and environmentally friendly solution. The only trade-off is a small increase in the cost of moving.

What's in it for us?

Green solutions have both immediate and long-term benefits. On the one hand, it saves space during transport and storage space in the new home. On the other hand, you contribute to the environment and reduce the environmental damage created as a result of your decision to move. The objects you donated during the relocation will help the needy, as well as non-profit organizations that do important work with low-income populations. The recycled materials will be returned for further use and will prevent contaminating production of new products. Everyone benefits when you choose to be green with your move.

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