Feng Shui for Positive Home Relocations!

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A new home means a fresh start and there is no better time to usher in upbeat energy! You don't need to be a perpetual incense burner or meditator to enjoy feng shui. After all, anyone moving house wants a positive experience.

A detailed moving checklist and a touch of feng shui and can help your relocation go like a charm. These are my two 'ace up the sleeve' moving tips. And besides, a dash of optimistic energy never hurt anyone.

Moving checklists: Feng shui for relocation

Fabulous positive energy begins with positive people! One of the best ways to stay cheery throughout your relocation is to have a clear plan of attack. Here is where a detailed moving checklist is a feng shui gem.
Prepare your moving checklist several weeks before your move. Create a relaxed space where you can clearly note down all tasks that need to be completed. It's helpful to segment your moving checklist according to the weeks and days leading up to your relocation. Begin at your moving date then work backwards. Your moving checklist should cover necessary tasks before, during and after relocation including:

1. Hiring movers
2. Furniture & household arrangements at your new home
3. Utilities connection & disconnection
4. Packing & household inventory
5. Cleaning your old abode

A moving checklist helps you avoid having relocation tasks creep up on you and cause unnecessary stress. This means you and your family can enjoy your move together without exchanging frustrated words. That kind of positive energy is just what feng shui is all about!

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Feng shui moving tips

There are a wealth of feng shui moving tips that can help fill your home with warm welcoming energy. Make your relocation more positive with the following:

1. Buy new brooms & mops so as not to bring old stale energy with you
2. Select a good feng shui date for your relocation
3. Buy something new for your home
4. Share a family meal on your first night

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