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Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? How true these song lyrics are when it comes to moving house! But my secret weapon to lost items is a moving inventory! Before moving an inch of furniture or bringing out the packing cartons, I make a full list of my belongings. Here's how you can do the same.

Get your life together

Moving house is an especially great time to compile an inventory. Your inventory can take shape as you decide what is staying and going. This helps you determine what and/or how much insurance you need when moving house. Plus you have a ready reference list for your movers if anything goes astray during the shift.

A good household inventory will capture everything from furniture to jewellery. Your inventory doesn't just help you record your possessions. It also helps you recover either your treasures or adequate compensation if theft, accident or disaster should strike.

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Go on the record!

Start by gathering together all your personal documents including:

1. Birth certificate
2. Marriage certificate
3. Will
4. Insurance policy
5. Deeds
6. Family Trust documents

Take full copies and keep originals with you at all times. Copies can accompany the rest of your household if you're moving house. Plus you may want to consider keeping additional copies elsewhere for safekeeping.
Now put your furniture and other belongings before the camera! Choose either a video or digital camera to record these. Be sure to include an audio diary, noting each belonging's purchase date and worth. You can also create a written inventory to capture your life on paper.
Don't focus only on 'big ticket' items like furniture and major appliances. Oftentimes it is smaller items that hold just as much value to you! Also record:

1. Clothing
2. Kitchen appliances
3. Garden tools
4. Jewellery/antiques

Once completed, make several copies of your inventory - the originals of which you hold. Keep copies with a trusted friend or family member you can always lay your hands on a ready copy. After moving house, you can update your inventory annually or after any furniture or other major purchase.

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